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Ronald's POV

Another long day here at the division. Man it's so boring. All the girls in the office is too busy to even go to lunch with me. What's wrong with me? I mean, what girl wouldn't go out with me? I'm young, good looking and on of the best reapers in this division. Well.. Besides Sempi Grell and William of course.

"What's bothering you now Ronald?" A feminine voice came from my left side as I sat on my desk.

"Hm?" I glance up and saw (y/n) with some paper work in her hands. She looked really nice today. "Oh hey (y/n). Just bored really." I mumbled.

(y/n) rolled her eyes in disbelief. "You have a pile of work, and yet your bored?" (y/n) gave me a mocking smile.

I shrugged. "Working is fine, except when I get overtime. Now that's annoying."

(y/n) took a seat next to my as she placed her papers on the desk. "Well you always get through it." She kept that sweet smile of hers. (y/n) always had such nice (e/c) eyes and pretty hair. She was one of the only reapers I can talk too so easily. "So what is really bothering you Ronald?" (y/n) questioned with a concern expression. How is it that she knows me so well? Am I that obvious? Well… Minus well just tell her.

"Well…  Just been rather lonesome lately." I gave a false smile, but (y/n) knew what I meant by that.

"Let me guess, the women are to busy for you to mess with?" (y/n)  gave a dull expression, looking annoyed.

" Ehh.. That as well." I shrugged again. Odd, out of all the women I've flirted with.. (y/n) was the only women that I've never tried anything on.  She was always my best mate and the only one that never gave me trouble. Well, only when I'm slacking off.

"Why don't you just stop the flirting and stay in a real relationship?" (y/n) questioned with an annoyed tone while having her fingers go through her (h/c) locks. She only did that when she was bothered by something.

I knew she was in a bad mood, but I couldn't help my self. I leaned over and gently place her hair behind her ear. Something inside me grew shaky for a reason I can't explain. I just look through her glasses to see those lovely (e/c) eyes of hers. "What's wrong (y/n)? I know something is on that troubled mind of yours." I smiled brightly, hoping to make this girl smile.

(y/n) seemed so irritated it was rather cute. As irritated as this girl was, she was turning so deep  red, it could be mistaken for a fever. I was so lost in (y/n) eyes, I didn't even realize I was leaning closer to her.

"R-Ronald? W-What are you doing?" (y/n) stuttered so nervously.

I couldn't help but keep that faint smile on mine as I placed my forehead against hers.  I don't recall ever being this close to her.  This felt nice.

"Ronald?" (y/n) called again. My heart began to throb even more rapidly.

"Maybe your right. A real relationship is probably what I need." My voice was almost a whisper. (y/n) began to shiver as her face grew more red. I have no clue what was taking over me, but I didn't care. I just needed to hold her close to me.


I had no clue what has gotten into Ronald. I know how he acts with other girls, but this was completely new of him. He never tried something like this on me. Not that I care if he did.. The truth was, I've always liked him. He was sweet and funny and a hard worker. The problem was that he flirted with every other girl besides me.
"Where are you going with this Ronald?" I gave a suspicious expression, keeping my guard up now.

"Well… I've-Ow!" Ronald let go as he held his head.

"Enough lollygagging Knox." William pressed his glasses up as he pulled his sytch away.

"Hey! I'm keeping up!" Ronald wined.

"I better get back to work myself. I'll see you two later on." I sat up as I placed on a smile. I needed to get out.

"(y/n)! Wait up!" Ronald called after me, but I quickly went off. I just didn't wanted to deal with him.

"Now's not the time Knox. Your going to get overtime if you keep slacking off." I heard Mr. Spears lectured Ronald before I turned to the right of the hallway.

The Next day

I've been looking around my desk, but I could not find my files. "Where the hell did I put them?" I mumbled as I opened my drawer. Trying to look for the folder. If I did not turned it in today, I would get an earful from Mr. Spears.

"Looking for something darling?" A voice came from behind.

I turned around and found Grell leaning on the wall with a grin on his face. "Um.. Hello Mr. Sutcliff. Is there something you need?" I questioned hesitantly. Knowing how Grell is, I had to be careful not to do anything that would upset him.

"Actually there is. Here." The red hair reaper handed me a folder with a note on it. Once I look at the note, I knew who it was from.

"Left it on my desk. Meet me at the special spot if you want that last part of the report. ~Ronald Knox"

"Great." I mumbled in an annoyed tone. Why did he had to be like this? He's so annoying at times. Why in the hell am I even friends with him again?

"Sounds like someone has an admirer." Grell sang with a wide smile on his face. Now I understand how Ronald can't handle Sutcliff after a certain amount of time.

"Hey, did you know I heard Mr. Spears is in the changing room right now since someone spilled tea on his white shirt? Poor guy." I made my best to make it sound like it was a natural rumor. But that didn't matter to Grell.

" Then I must be off! Have fun little one!" Grell sang as he dashed off to find to dark hair reaper.

"Sorry Mr. Spears, but I needed something." I mumbled in annoyance as I got up from my desk.

Walking around to a certain part of the office, I've came into a empty hallway. Not many reapers walk through here since a faster way to get to the library was made. "Huh, this is where I first ran into him." a faint smile crawled across me face as I leaned against the wall.

(Quick Flash Back)

I was beginning to get lost in this big office, not knowing where was where or who was who. It was like being in a maze. When I walk into an empty hallway, frustration grew even more. When I sigh in annoyance, I've notice a certain orange-black hair reaper leaning on the wall smiling.

"Hey, knew to this floor?"

"Yeah. I'm trying to deliver these to someone in the library." I showed him the papers.

"Ah, William Spears. I know him. He and Mr. Sutcliff are my sempi." The reaper smile some how became brighter.

"Oh, well that's good. I'm (y/n) (l/n).  I'm the new secretary here." I shook his hand.

"The names Knox. Ronald Knox, glad to meetcha." Ronald fix his glasses as I met his green eyes.

(End of Flash)

And ever since then, we would always meet up and talk in this hallway. Even though it sounds silly and childish, but it was our special spot.

"Hey (y/n)! Glad you came!" Ronald called as he walk up to me with his hands him his pockets.

"I didn't have a choice now did I?" I mumbled in an annoyed tone again. Ronald an just easily get on my nerves like Grell.

"Well… You wouldn't have meet up here with me if I didn't black mail you now would you?" He smile brightly, almost teasing.  

"Can I have my paper back Ronald?" I questioned him.

"You will. Just on one condition." Ronald lean closer to me with that wide smirk of his. I couldn't help but turn red. Why must the person I have a crush on have to be so cocky?

"And that is?" I still tried to keep my cool, but this idiot was making it so hard.

"I just need you to answer this questioned honestly." His voice was slowly becoming serious. Which was new for him.

"Okay. Ask." My heart beat began to rise up. I swear he could have heard the beating on how close he was leaning towards me.

"Do you like me?"

I could feel myself began to turn stiff when that question was ask. I had no clue wether I should lie or not. "I don't understand the question." I replied nervously.

Ronald's POV

I knew (y/n) was trying to avoid answering the question. So, I guess I had to try a different way to get her reply. Taking a small breath, I leaned closer to her, pinning her against the wall slyly. "Alright. Do you love me?" I gave a mocking smile.
(y/n) seemed more annoyed then ever when I ask her that, was it that she just she didn't felt the same way?

"Define.. Love." (y/n) smiled nervously, she was so cute when she was like that, but now she seemed rather uneasy.

I just gave a simple smile and held her chin. "You know.. You were always one of my best mates. Now I think your worth more then that." I whispered as I leaned in closer towards her. Begining to pin her to the wall.

"Ronald." (y/n) whispered softly as her cheeks grew red.

"Yes?" I replied back softly as I leaned in for a kiss.

"You jerk!" (y/n) yelled as she beat me over the head with her notebook. "After all this time! Your telling me this now! What am I? Just a back up whenever you cant get a date or some other girl to mess around with?!" She still kept hitting me over the head.

"Ow! (y/n) stop! L-Let me-ow! Explain!" I tried to talk, but she kept hitting me at a really fast pace. Luckly before she can get a really good swing at me, I dodged and held both of her wrist tightly and pushed her against the wall.

"Gah! Ronald!" (y/n) gave me those (e/c) eyes. Which showed she was about ready to murder me.

"I'm sorry!" I shouted, nearly causing my glasses to fall off."I'm sorry I was being such a git to not notice you sooner!" I opened my green eyes to meet hers. She seemed upset and yet lost. "Look (y/n), if I could change the past and pay attention to you more, I would. So please, let me make it up to you okay?"

"Okay." (y/n) whispered and look down. My guess she was still hesitant on all of this.

"Hey." I smiled and held her chin up to my view. "I'll do whatever I can to prove it to you."

(y/n) grew a faint smile across that beautiful face of hers. "Can I have my paper back then?"

I laughed at my disbelife. "You didn't check your folder? I placed the paper on the back of the file." I began to laugh even more at her adorable cuteness.

"Ronald you jerk!" (y/n) began to hit me again.

I still laughed and hugged her close to me. She was just so lovely and nice. After hugging her for a while, I gently stole a small kiss from her. After touching her lips, a spark came on.I began to want more,kissing her again was basically heaven for me. It is rare for reapers to find love, guess I'm one of hte lucky ones. After what seemed like hours, I just kept hugging her close to me, looking through those lovely eyes of hers.

"Are you two done?" A voice came from behind us.

"Gah!" I pratically jump when I heard sempi's voice. "H-H-Hello Mr. Spears. What are you doing here?" I smiled nervously as I turned to face William with Mr. Sutcliff smirking.

"Well, we were looking for you you little brat. Got another mission to do." Grell pratically sang with that wicked smile of his.

"Enough of your folly Knox and let's go." William pressed his glasses and began to walk off. He was annoyed at me, I can tell.

"I'll catch up with you later then?" I smiled over to (y/n), making sure she was alright.

"Sure, have fun." She smiled over to me faintly.

I quickly stole a kiss from her before walking off with sempi following me.

"Don't worry, I won't steal him. Maybe" Grell smiled over to (y/n) as he held my arm. I just sigh in annoyance as I continued walking with sempi. Why must I work with Sutcliff? I guess I better try to finish early if I want any time with (y/n).
Here's my first ACTURAL X Reader.
Enjoy and Ronald can be a dummy! XD
Plz commet!
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